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Andrei Marius On June - 10 - 2010

Hi there. In the following tutorial you will learn to create the Volkswagen logo. You’ll only need some simple circles, gradients, strokes and some basic effects. You might face some problems with the letter shapes but the grid and the snap to grid will simplify your work.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Completion Time: 45 minutes
Number of Steps: 8

This is what you’ll be creating:


Step 01

Create a 700 by 700px document. Turn on the Grid (View > Grid) and the Snap to Grid (View > Snap to Grid). Now, you need a grid every 5px. Go to Edit > Preferences > Guides & Grid, enter “5” in the “Gridline every :” box and “1” in the “Subdivisions” box. All these options wil ease your work. Select the Ellipse Tool(L), click on the Artboard and create a 640by640px shape. Select this shape, go to Object > Path > Offset Path, enter -15px in the “Offset” box and hit enter. Select the resulting shape, go again to Object > Path > Offset Path, enter -40px in the “Offset” box and hit enter. Select the resulting shape, once again go to Object > Path > Offset Path, enter -45px in the “Offset” box and hit enter. Select the resulting shape, one more time go to Object > Path > Offset Path, enter -5px in the “Offset” box and hit enter. Now, you should have five circles.

Step 02

Pick the Type Tool and add the “V” and “W” letters. Use the Regular Arial Black font with a size of 320px. Select these two letters and go to Object > Expand. Leave approximately 15px between these two shapes. Select both shapes, click on the Horizontal Align Center button (from the Align pallete) then group them. Select this group along with the smallest circle, pick the Selection Tool(V), click on the border of the circle (it should get emphasized) then click on the Horizontal Align Center and on the Vertical Align Center buttons from the Align panel.

Step 03

Now, the letters. You’ll have to play a little with anchor points of these shapes. Select the Direct Selection Tool (A) and move the anchor points until your shapes look like the yellow ones shown below. Take a closer look at the grid to understand the exact positioning of each anchor point. The Snap to Grid will ease your work.

Step 04

Select all five circles and click on the Divide button from the Pathfinder panel. Keep only the five shapes shown in image #2. I filled them with some random colors so that you can distinguish them easier. Name them from 1 to 5. Select shape #3 and the letter shapes then click on the Unite button from the Pathfinder panel. Bring the resulting shape in front and name it “VW”.

Step 05

Fill “VW” with the radial gradient shown below image #1 and add a 3px Aligned to Inside stroke (R=246 G=246 B=247). Add a new fill for this shape (from the flyout menu of the Appearance panel) and use the linear gradient shown in image #2. Reselect this shapes and add the Drop Shadow (Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow) effect shown below image #3.

Step 06

Select shape #5 and fill it with the gradient shown in image #1. Next, add a new fill and use the gradient shown below image #2.

Step 07

Fill shapes #4 and #2 with the radial gradients shown below.

Step 08

Send shape #1 in the back. Fill it with the radial gradient shown below #1 and add a 2px Aligned to outside stroke (R=133 G=137 B=141). Reselect this shape and add the Drop Shadow effect shown below image #2. Finally, for the background, select the Rectangle Tool(M), create a 700x700px square, move it in the back and fill it with the radial gradient shown below image #3.


Now your work is done. Here is how it should look like.

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39 Responses

  1. FAQPAL says:

    Wow, excellent result. Thanks for detailed tutorial.

  2. Richie says:

    wow… this is very cool…. and very simple.. another great tut from you πŸ™‚

  3. this is so good, perfectly written, and above all it’s my favorite car brand

    thanks Marius

  4. Awesome tutorial! Thanks, bro!

  5. Jay says:

    Please make the BMW logo, it is simpler, but has the same kind of 3D effect and shading.

  6. Tati says:

    Hey, very cool! Thanks for sharing that! πŸ˜€

  7. Really nice 3D Effect, just like the real one πŸ™‚

  8. Fimo says:

    Love the way you have set out the instructions it has made it really easy to understand!

  9. Reka says:

    great job……..

  10. Craig says:

    Great tutorial, very easy to follow, and great end result of the VW logo, Thanks!

  11. Jonathan says:

    Best Tutorial in 2 years!!

  12. Madu Tualang says:

    Greta tutorial.. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about Illustrator.

  13. doosteps says:

    awesome. two thumbs up!

  14. Jacob says:

    I can’t figure out how to add the gradient to the stroke in step 5.

    • Hi,
      You don’t need to add a gradient for the stroke.
      Here’s a detailed explanation for the stuff that you must do.
      First, select your shape and fill it with the radial gradient shown below image. Next, go to the Appearance panel, select the existing fill and click on the Duplicate Selected Item icon (it look like a little file icon) from the bottom of the Appearance panel. Obviously, this will duplicate your selected fill. Select this new fill and use the linear gradient shown below image #2. The yellow zero from the gradient image stands for opacity percentage. This means that you need to select that gradient slider and lower its opacity to 0%. Return to the Appearance panel and add a 3pt stroke. Set its color at R=246 G=246 B=247 then go the the Stroke panel and click on the Align To Inside button. Finally, reselect this entire path and go to the Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow. Enter the data shown below image #3 and you’re done.
      Let me know if you got it.

  15. fj shield says:

    hi. I cant seem to get past step 4: Select shape #3 and the letter shapes then click on the Unite button from the Pathfinder panel.

    I am using CS5 version on a mac. Great tutorial, having fun!

  16. max says:

    Stunning tutorial !!! Thanx for such an amazing lesson.

  17. David says:

    Great tutorial and great site! I had a little trouble with the VW diagonals alignment but finally itΒ΄s all right. Everything is well explained.


    • Thanks a lot. I’m trying to do my best.
      I know that step with the alignment can be a little challenging. I tried to find the easier way to explain it. It’s good to know that it worked for you.
      Let me know if you have any questions/tutorial requests.

  18. Amber says:

    Hi there,

    Not sure if I’m being a bit of a blonde but for some reason the Offset path is not showing up as an option after I have created the Artboard right at the beginning. Any help would be much appreciated.


  19. Amber says:

    Nevermind just worked it out.

  20. Ljubo says:

    Great and effective result….thx

  21. aamir says:

    great tutorial…thanks, very easy to understand instruction….good work

  22. lee says:

    it is easy to di it

    I just working it and I feeling dood!


  23. ducsu says:

    Hi. I was wondering if the stroke color for the font correct? My result shows it pretty subtle as shown from this image.
    Here is my take.

  24. ahmad says:

    cool tutorial…..carry on.

  25. Tz says:

    This is a great tutorial, but I am not an illustrator professional and much of what you were saying was very confusing to me. In the end, though I followed it step by step as closely as I could, there were elements lacking. Some type of stroke/bevel effect between shape 1 and 2 for example. I read through again and again on the tutorial but nothing explained how that was made. Certain shadow/ gradient effects for another example didn’t come out exactly as yours did.
    I was basically trying to create the same logo, except with a different color, reversed shadow effects and a green instead of blue. For anything that I was supposed to reverse, I modified bit by bit to get it as close as I could, but some things just did not work.

  26. Hi it is a great tutorial you explained it in very easy way I like that thanks keep it up

  27. Lin says:

    Awesome tut! Thank you!

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