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Andrei Marius On August - 7 - 2012

Hi there. Check out my new tutorial published at Noupe.com and you can learn how to create a detailed dynamite illustration. We’ll start by turning some plain text into a symbol, and by making some simple rectangles. Once we have our starting shapes, we’ll continue with some Extrude&Bevel and Warp effects plus some Pathfinder options along with a bunch of basic blending techniques. For the final touches we’ll use some complex linear gradients and some blur effects.

  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Estimated Completion Time: 3 hours
  • Number of Steps: 58

This is what you’ll be creating:


Click on the image or HERE for the complete tutorial.

Categories: Illustrations

5 Responses

  1. ducsu says:

    This looks Dyno-mite!!

  2. ducsu says:

    Here is my version of this tutorial. What radiant colors did you use for the background?

    • Good job. I sent you an Ai file via e-mail with the background shape.

      • ducsu says:

        Thanks a bunch. I revised the illustration a bit and ignite the fuse. Waiting on your next illustration.

        The tutorial was a breeze to follow. The only thing I would comment on would be adding the ‘dynamite’ symbol to the sticks. Since we are adding four of them, it maybe easier to make a copy to the 3d revolve effect 3 more times so we only need to move the symbol around and not have to readjust the size of the text every time.

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